Views of Mr. Abid Hussain

Mr. Abid Hussain who worked as Volunteer in our Organic Fields at Roshni 
“In my quest to connect with nature and learn the basics of chemical-free farming, I decided to volunteer at the farm of Roshni Association.
My volunteer activities were about assisting with the various farm works: cutting fodder for the bovine friends living here, preparing the land for the new batch of crops, creating a nursery of the new plants to be grown, weeding, harvesting and some landscaping work. One really fascinating activity was preparing “Biodynamic” potions, the recipes of which have been created after a close observation of the elements and cycles that exist in nature. These natural potions are then sprayed onto the land and the plants for improving their health. 
A crucial takeaway of my volunteer work was learning more about ‘special’ persons. Initially, it was about tolerating them, since I wasn’t used to being around such people. However, gradually it turned into a process of seeing them as my colleagues and eventually, as my friends. Spending time and working with them day in day out, really helped me evolve as a human being. I had come to learn about farming, but I ended up realizing so much more”