Roshni Association is an NGO for the welfare of special persons and has been working in this field since 2001. ``Roshni Village`` provides stable and calm living and working facilities to the special adults to nurture their healthy development. Our second project, ``Green Earth Roshni School`` was started in 2005. The school provides meaningful education to the children of the local area.

  • Skill development of special adults in art, textile, wood workshops, organic bakery & organic farming.
  • Community living for special adults in two houses.
  • Education for children of local villages.


Roshni Village is a centre where people with and without special needs come together to live and to work. The Roshni Village's primary goal is to nurture healthy development while providing a stable environment in calm surroundings. Our living community, away from the bustling city life of Lahore


Green Earth Roshni School is located in Hayr on Bedian Road, around 2 km from Roshni Village. It was launched as a joint effort by Roshni Association and Green Earth Recycling in 2005. Not only did the school receive its name from the Green Earth Recycling Factory but also their building and donations.

Get Involved

t is our goal to make Roshni a place for national and international gathering and understanding. Since our founding, we have always had volunteers supporting our work in Roshni by contributing their numerous abilities for time periods of three months up to four years. They provide valuable skills