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It is our goal to make Roshni a place for national and international gathering and understanding. Since our founding, we have always had volunteers supporting our work in Roshni by contributing their numerous abilities for time periods of three months up to four years. They provide valuable skills and companionship to all members of our community by sharing their perspectives, talents and energies.

Roshni offers many different opportunities to volunteers working with us. Some examples are, teaching at the school, working with special people in the workshops, working at the farm, helping out in the community houses and being a source of publicity and PR. Some of our former volunteers wrote articles or blogs about their experiences here in Roshni. These can be read here:

Maria’s blog (German)
Eva’s blog (German)
Coco & Olli’s blog (German & English)

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Sponsoring our special persons of Roshni Village and students of Green Earth Roshni School is a powerful way to change someones life. Sponsorship is your chance to build a lifelong friendship with an individual who needs your support. The one you sponsor will be yours only. Our sponsorship of Green Earth Roshni School students includes costs of fees, uniform and books. Sponsorship of special friends of Roshni include workshop fees, meals and other living costs.

Our sponsorship rates are:

  • Special Person (Residential Care) – Rs. 16,000/month
  • Special Person (Day Care) – Rs. 10,000/month
  • Student of Green Earth Roshni School – Rs. 1,600/month

If you wish to support us through this programme, then please send us the completed sponsorship form at pr@roshni.org.pk




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Roshni Association offers group experiences to suit a wide variety of people. We can accommodate groups for day visits, with a tour of workshops, houses and organic farm. The visits are good for students and professionals who wish to know more about our holistic approach towards life.

You can also have a group visit during our events. Upcoming events are regularly updated on our home page.

Groups wanting a tour of Roshni Association, please contact us at pr@roshni.org.pk or 0322 4767808.



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